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Parkour & Freerunning World (pkfr.world) is a non-profit organization, that aims to:

• Expand our world wide community, where people can connect with each other, share experiences, videos, pictures, etc. One place for all practitioners of the Arts of Movement in the world to find each other

• Help people who want to start pk/fr/tr to find their way. And also help people who want to visit other countries.

• Increase the popularity and accessibility of the sports Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking

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Movies, Documentaries, TV-shows and other Media involvement:

• We also help out when companies are looking for athletes for making things like movies, documentaries, tv-shows and other shows, etc. Some examples from the past:

- November 2016: A production company from Holland asked us to find athletes for a tv-commercial of a radio show
- July 2016: We were asked to find contestants for the international Netflix show 'The Ultimate Beastmaster'
- February 2016: A Japanese production company contacted us to find athletes for a promo-video they are making
- September 2015: A French production company asked us to find atheletes for their short movie and photo shoot in Chamonix
- August 2015: A production company from Thailand asked us to find athletes from Iceland for their documentary
- June 2015: A French tv-show asked us to find athletes from Santorini in Greece, for a documentary they are making

So make sure you keep your profile on pkfr.world up-to-date, someone might be looking for you soon!

History of PKFR.WORLD in a nutshell:

The first version of our website was created on 02 February 2015, and was called Free-Running.eu

At the start, it was intended to be only an encyclopedia for parkour, freerunning and tricking in Europe. As the group of people that helped us out (the crew) grew, much inspiration and many new ideas came from it.

Over the months, more and more people got involved, helped ut in many ways, and came up with great ideas.

We came to a point that our old website was no longer equiped to handle the growing amount of members, and we decided to build a new website, the one you are on now, which was activated in November 2016.

Today, pkfr.world is the largest community website for parkour / freerunners / trickers in the world. With members from every continent all over the world.

Privacy Policy:

PKFR.WORLD is a privately funded non-commercial and non-profit organisation. The information you put in your profile(s) on our website is not in any way collected for or sold to third parties.

You have the ability in your profile settings to manage who can see your profile, who can contact you through the pkfr.world messenger, and who can see your social media links.

Periodically we send an email to our members, informing them about things like upcoming contests. If you do not want to receive such emails, you have the option in your profile settings to disable 'receive site notifications'.

We use Google Analytics to get information about the traffic on our website. This is fully anonymous. We use this information only to improve our website and services.

If compelled by law to disclose information to the authorities, we have no choice but to comply.

We will review this privacy policy regularly, and update it if needed.
Last update: 2018-02-17

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us.

Marcin Wroblewski of team ATMX Brussels in his atmx-pkfrworld tshirt
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