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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sin Limite PARKOUR
Los Mochis, Mexico
Rasoul Alibabaei
Tehran, Iran
Adrian Sugier
Lublin, Poland
Jérémy Corbel
Béziers, France
Shahin Shazam Traceur
Béziers, France
Team Fervor
Bijnor, India
Andrew Rossini McCallum
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Martyyn Blanco
Mazatlan, Mexico
Raphaël Turquet
Le Mans, France
Uba McKay
Choibalsan, Mongolia
Aman Kumar
Rampur, India
Johannes lilover
Tallinn, Estonia
Mihaill Panaiotov
Smolyan, Bulgaria
Reece Appel
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Sandro Skronias
Athens, Greece
Kolbjørn Lindberg
Kristiansand, Norway
arun ramesh
calicut, India
Liam kilrain
Mons, Belgium
Aleix Angel
Barcelona, Spain
Angel Zheltyy
Marseille, France
Gabriel Kalozis
Santorini, Greece
Jacob Williams
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Ben Llyn
Edingurgh, United Kingdom
Алматы, Kazakhstan
Nathan Klement
Efrat, Israel
Arjan Parkour
behbahan, Iran
Ryan Gallagher
;Tonawanda/Buffalo, United States
Ahmed El Gazzar
Tangier, Morocco
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Jelrik van de Vall
's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
Edmund blenkins
Batlow, Australia
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