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Vlad Bondrachuk
Киев , Ukraine
Art Rambo
Odessa , Ukraine
Misha Gutsal
Mukachevo, Ukraine
Vladyslav Kovalevskyi
Киев, Ukraine
Dmytro Tyakin
Kyiv , Ukraine
NON Standart
Pavlograd, Ukraine
Free Motion
Днепропетровская , Ukraine
Lutsk, Ukraine
Fun time
Shostka, Ukraine
Alexander Titarenko
Maripol , Ukraine
Pavlov Pavel Pavlovich
Odessa, Ukraine
Vanek Samonov
Shostka , Ukraine
Николай Белик
Терновка , Ukraine
Alexsandr Garagulya
Тernovka, Ukraine
Alexey Zinkovskiy
Dnipro , Ukraine
Sandra Konopatska
Kyiv, Ukraine
Andrey Nurutdinov
Терновка, Ukraine
Armin Smajilovic
Ternovka, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Vladislav Kudrik
Odessa, Ukraine
Tolyan Garaschenko
Pavlograd, , Ukraine
Yura Kolomiec
Kiev, Ukraine
Dima Nurutdinov
Ternovka, Ukraine
Oleg Tanasiv
Rivne , Ukraine
Andrey Lystopad
Kiev, Ukraine
Dima Tkachuk
Луцьк , Ukraine
Andrew Kaminskyi
Odessa, Ukraine
Evgeny Melnik
Энергодар, Ukraine
Kiev Runners Team
Kiev, Ukraine
Kolya Guzenko
Kiev, Ukraine
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