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By Joel Kelley 30.07.2018
By Alva S. Lange 24.09.2017
By Pierce Rockwell 28.05.2017
By Sandro Skronias 22.04.2017
Welcome to the Polls page

On the polls page, you can see all the polls that were posted by our members. A poll is basically a question you ask to everybody, with pre-defined answers from which people can choose one.

You can see the results of a poll so far, by clicking on the 'results' link under each poll. Click on the title of a poll to open that specific poll-item, where you can comment on it, share, repost or subscribe to it. 

You can post polls yourself too. Start by clicking on the blue + in the right top corner.

The polls you make will not only appear on this page, but also on the website's home page, and in your profile. 

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