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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Guadalajara, Mexico
Harmonie Nem
Lyon, France
Adel Syed
Chartres, France
Rõñîx Shívâm
varanasi, India
caracas, Venezuela
Akhilesh Patil
Pune, India
Pierce Rockwell
Chicago, United States
Paulo Lopes
Mindelo (são vicente), Cape Verde
Keegan Benn
Tsetserleg, Mongolia
Alexiss Screamo
bogota D.C., Colombia
Eren Ayhan
Manisa, Turkey
Alexandre Ollier
Dijon , France
Aman Kumar
Rampur, India
Pierre Antoine Roux
Antibes, France
jesus gonzalez
valencia, Venezuela
Delta Freeruning
Tbilisi, Georgia
Jimba Moyosore
Lagos, Nigeria
Jose Rodriguez
Bogota, Colombia
Exoz Freerun
istanbul, Turkey
Ruslan Mulyukov
Ufa, Russia
Parkour Bechar
بشار, Algeria
Yeshey tshering
Mongar, Bhutan
Catania, Italy
Gothenburg, Sweden
Adam Hassan
mombasa, Kenya
Simeon Van der Hoeven
Antwerp, Belgium
Димитър Тодоров
Meuselwitz, Germany
Team Fervor
Bijnor, India
Łukasz Zaręba
Biskupiec, Poland
Vladyslav Kovalevskyi
Киев, Ukraine
Hamza Nikoo
Rabat, Morocco
Calum Corbett
Ayrshire, United Kingdom
Phoenix Zito
Seabrook, United States
Stephen McCarty
Houston , United States
bar sur aube, France
Aryarishi Sikdar
Kolkata, India
Jakob Daugaard
Århus C, Denmark
Niklas Eränpalo
Tammisaari , Finland
Alessandro Catalano
Belpasso, Italy
Juan Tineo
La Victoria, Venezuela
Dominic Soons
Roosendaal, Netherlands
Thomas Akhmetov
Panazol, France
Tounsi Hunter
Ben Arous , Tunisia
Reny Ochoa
Tachira, Venezuela
zaidi abdenour
mostaganem, Algeria
Locations of possible Couchsurfing hosts
Welcome to the Couchsurfing page

On the Couchsurfing page, you can find all our members that can be contacted when you are planing to travel to another area or country. 

At the bottom of the page, there is a map of all the people, teams and companies that can be contacted by couchsurfers. 

Below this box, you can browse all those members seperated by country. 

Remember that these people do not run hotels :) They might not have time to host you or find another host for you in the period you are looking for a place to stay. But you can always ask. 

If you yourself can be contacted by couchsurfers, because you (sometimes) have a place to stay for them, or know others who might, then you can check the couchsurfing-box in your profile settings. 

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