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This Tutorial Tuesday we bring you the underbar! This is an awesome and versatile movement used to flow beneath a bar in order to make a transition between heights or to drop from one platform to another. It can also be used to simply flow through an environment.

The sense of fear with the underbar tends to come from clipping the butt or hitting the face on an obstacle or bar. We teach you proven techniques you can utilize to ensure that you don't end up folded up between two bars!

Train the underbar with a pull-up bar and some duct tape (masking tape won't stick to paint) or attach some duct tape to the vertical supports of a pul-up bar at a park!

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Remember that each practitioner and athlete reaches certain levels and progresses at different rates. Take your time with the Under Bar and master it. It truly is an awesome and impressive move once you've dialed it in. Integrate it into training sessions in order to learn it even faster. Ensure that you are landing with your legs in in a split step in order to maintain momentum used for the movement itself.

I've explained the Under Bar as I've learned it and as I understand it. We all learn differently so the best that you can do as a trainee is to simply go out and train the movement in the safest setting you can find. No, these are not the flashy videos you may be used to but I promise that you will grow and learn if you listen and train safely.

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