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Welcome to the Videos page

On the Videos page, you can see all the videos that were shared by members in their profiles. 

In the left top, where it says 'Videos Home' in blue, you can change the view, for example to see the all featured videos, top rated videos, video albums, etc. You can also use the 'Rater' to easily scroll through videos and rate them with 1 - 5 stars. 

You can share your own vids. Start by clicking on the blue + in the right top, and then choosing an existing video album or create a new one. (you can only see the + when you are logged in). 

You can upload videos, but also share them from your Youtube, Instagram or other social media. Then the views are added to your account. To do this, you change the 'mass uploader' option into 'embed', and then simply copy and paste the link to your video. 

All the videos that you share, will appear in your profile, and also on this videos page, as well as on the home page. They can also be found under the categories that you have set. 

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