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France, Evry 17.04.2018 Max Lawrence
Trampoline park with good PKFR obstacles.

France, Perrigny 12.03.2018 Raphaël Turquet
Trampoline park à Perrigny.


France, Plessis-Robinson 07.02.2017 Romain PB
Hello Friend of Movement .    In France , i create a little school of Parkour/Freerun/Trampoline/Gymnastics & more . The QG of PkPless'Crew are the Gymnastic club and gym of the City Plessis-Robinson.    This school is newly born and has for ambition and will to expand in order to strengthen its section within the gymnastics club. Expand your community and allow others to freely practice in our room or participate in courses that are taught by a group of gymnastic coaches and practitioners with some exp…

Belgium, Hulshout 06.01.2017 Blaze Urban Academy
Stationstraat 92 - 2235 Hulshout (Inrijden aan Willy Naessens).  Als je het niet direct vindt, bel gerust naar 0496 820 117 


France, Coulommiers 12.03.2018 Raphaël Turquet
Trampoine park à Coulommiers.

France, Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin 12.03.2018 Raphaël Turquet
Trampoline park à Lille.

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