United States, Suwanee 25.08.2019 Leap Parkour
Parkour gym and academy in Suwanee, Ga.

Spain, Valencia 24.08.2019 Carles Vera
Motion Academy is a Parkour and ADD academy in Valencia, Spain. We are a group of professionals commited to build a leading organization to bring the benefits from parkour/ADD to society.

United States, Columbus 09.04.2019 Sean Jacob Merritt
A cozy little Climbing/ Ninja Warrior / Parkour and Freerunning Gym

Iran, Mahabad 09.04.2019 Peshawa
Awesome people and great training partners, maneged by Jalal Rasoulzada and home of Team Kraft parkour anyone is welcome to train for free at open gymsopen gym hours are 9 pm to 11pm local time

Denmark, vesterbros nabopark 21.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
there's a small scaffold/setup here

Denmark, game københavn 21.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
this is the official parkour/streetsport training spot there's both indoor and outdoor setups

Denmark, musikhuset, aarhus 21.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
this spot is all around the Scandinavian Congress Center the parking garage has a nice dive/dubkong the right side offers a staircase and some walls, and further down is an elevator shaft that is climbable on the left side is "bowlingtaget" which has some drops and gaps and a running cat/prec to a staircase

Denmark, rønbæk skolen 21.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
a parkour park made by aapk, everything is quite big swingwise

Denmark, blindes arbejde, aarhus 12.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
shaky rails and high drops

Denmark, djurslands bank, aarhus 12.11.2018 Jakob Daugaard
rails and walls with drop descend/ascend other stuff

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